I'm Satan but hairier. Who am I

broliloquy it took me a bit, but as soon as it clicked I knew.

hello friend we are mutuals. we met on vdex and need to rp together :||| also i am very obvious and very bad at this game

kotakia??? ilytalia??? I don’ follow that many people from vdex who RP to my knowledge so there’s that.

someone who remembers everything, but not everything. plays it safe at all times.

what. is this that mysterious anon again??? man as soon as you tell me who you are, I’m going to be like “oh DUH” 

Here’s seven selfies instead of six, because I like them. I was tagged by shira sheep. look at my face, its amazing.

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Thank you, Allen Walker.

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A guide to common terms used in describing tiaras

NO im not ilya or are. i guess i was being too vague but anyway itsa me

GOD DAMN I thought of you too!!! collapses to the ground, I’m sorry friend, I do have several vdex buddies still. How you doin tho we haven’t talked in ages.

(for the describe yourself thing) I'm someone you've known online for quite a while now, though I have no idea where in the spectrum I'd fall in terms of how long you've known people. but yes it's been years. however I haven't really talked to you recently. i've got a dorky sense of humor and I like pokemon. you've liked a lot of my posts (though most are reblogged anyway) WHO AM I

I’m really torn between khanzilla and ilytalia so I choose both of you, but I’m leaning towards you Ilya

nope, not Brodingershat. You don't even deserve a "nice try, though"

goddamn. umm… I… maybe…………. I don’t even know *who are you by the who starts playing*

Ur a fukken slut gess who

200$ says one tinylightsflash


It’s a serious condition.

Go here for more stories behind the GIF by me.
Go here to make your own on the best subreddit ever. 

I love things but I hate things. I mostly just hate things.

Rei is that you.


These are just the right mix of douchy and nerdy I was looking for.